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Paul Joske, Founder of Valla Surfboards Thanks for taking the time to come and check us out. This is a long shot from our humble beginnings and we hope you enjoy your time with us.

Established in 1970 by Paul Joske, Valla Surfboards has always remained a high ideal dovetailed around a lifestyle. The 'Ideal' was to create high performance, aesthetic surf forms, and a lifestyle tailored for surfing as much as possible. Not surprisingly, things haven't changed much in the 30 years since. Please... take a look around.

new Valla Surfboards factory

Building Surfboards in the Valla Hinterland for 15 years was "Great while it lasted", says Paul Joske. But now he has built a new factory in the Nambucca Industrial Estate.

Production began in the new factory in July 2006. Since that time we have hand crafted 80 Custom surfboards. We have a showroom atttached to the front of our factory only 30 seconds off the Pacific Hwy. Come in and check us out.

Heath has just finished a successful year on the Australian Junior Series finishing 3rd overall. This result qualifies him for the World Junior Championships at Narrabean at the end of the year. We wish Heath all the best of luck.

Other highlights this year include winning the Indonesion Pro Junior event at Canggu and consequently winning the entire Indonesion Pro Junior Series. Heath also had a ball at the ASL's Hot 100 trip to japan recently.

valla t-shirts

Valla Surfboards Logo

Read how the Valla Tshirt became so popular.

The Valla Farmhouse, where it all began. finless surfing on king island...
Join Heath and Sage Joske as they take part in a week long event fusing finless surfing and classical music, organised by Derek Hynd and the Australian Chamber Orchestra
Valla custom surfboards...
Check out some of the custom board orders we have done over the years. Who knows you might even see yourself!

The Valla Farmhouse, where it all began. history of valla surfboards...
Valla Surfboards were born in 1970. The idea however was simmering in the young mind of Paul Joske, soon after moving to Nambucca heads from Melbourne when he was 12 years old. A love of the ocean...

and the winner is... retro designs ...
Sick of riding the same surfboard. Feel like you need to rekindle that surfing passion. Take a look at some of our fresh surfboard designs which borrow on past ideas.

wooden boards ...
Paul has always harboured a fascination for wood. Click here to take a look at the wooden board design section.

To take a look at images of the first Pawlonia board ever built, Makana and Kumu .


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